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Photo Album PVC Sheet

With characteristics of sound absorption, heat preservation, mould proofing, corrosion resistance and non water absorption, the photo album PVC sheet has excellent shakeproof effect and flame retardancy, which can self-extinguish after getting away from fire, preventing fire disaster occurring. After made by weatherproof formula, the photo album PVC sheet doesn't age easily and its color will last for a long time. With light weight, the PVC sheet is convenient to store, transport and process.

Size 915mmX1830mm, 1220mmX2440mm, 1560mmX3050mm, 2050mmX3050mm
Density 0.43g/cm3 ---1.0g/cm3
Thickness 1mm---2mm
Color White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black

Note: The above parameters can be individually customized according to customers' requirements.

To face the ever-expanding demand of photo album market, our company specially produces 1-2mm photo album PVC sheet which has won unanimous approval of the Chinese market and customers. We hope this high-quality product can make you satisfied.

For foam materials, the size and uniformity of the cell are the key factors affecting the quality of the material. The PVC sheet produced by our company has small and uniform cells, which further reduce the product density, reaching 0.43g/cm3 to1.0g/cm3 . Our PVC sheet solves the problems possibly caused by stability, melt strength, lubrication, process temperature, etc., making it has advantages of waterproofing, moistproofing, light weight, good toughness, smooth surface without dents or small lumps, uniform thickness, etc. The photo album PVC sheet also has better adhesion, longer storage time and higher flatness, and there is no bursting during cutting. In addition to a wide range of standard sizes, our company can also conduct special cutting based on your demand.

Dingtian is a China photo album PVC sheet manufacturer and supplier. We offer various types of products such as furniture PVC foam board, advertising PVC sheet, PVC foam panel, and building material PVC foam board.

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