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Advertising PVC Sheet

The advertising PVC sheet is widely used in screen printing, UV printer printing, computer lettering, computer engraving, advertising labeling, display boards, sign boards, photo album boards, etc.

The advertising PVC sheet is lightweight, facilitating storage, transportation and processing. It has excellent shake proof effect and flame retardancy, and can self-extinguish after being separated from fire, preventing the occurrence of fire disaster. With characteristics of mouldproofing, corrosion resistance, non water absorption, sound absorption and heat preservation, our advertising PVC sheet won't age easily and its color will last for a very long time.


Size 915mmX1830mm, 1220mmX2440mm, 1560mmX3050mm, 2050mmX3050mm
Density 0.43g/cm3 ---1.0g/cm3
Thickness 1mm---30mm
Color White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black

Note: The above parameters can be individually customized according to customers' requirements.

Surface and shape of goods will leave the first impression which, advertising psychologists believe, plays a decisive role in sales of the product. From this point, PVC sheet has a good market prospect. The advertising PVC sheet has earned the recognition and acceptance of domestic and foreign customers by its excellent performance, advanced technology and many other advantages.

Our advertising PVC sheet can not only show natural color but also display colors in people's fantasy. Its main color includes white, red, yellow, green, blue and black. Other color can also be constructed according to your demand. PVC sheet has smooth surface, which can be used for printing, facilitating your advertising campaign and bringing you better economic benefits. We remind you that this product should be stored away from light and moisture at room temperature and do not put this PVC sheet with organic solvent together.

As a professional advertising PVC sheet manufacturer in China, we provide not only advertising PVC sheet, but also photo album PVC sheet, building material PVC foam board, furniture PVC foam board, PVC foam panel, and much more.

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