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With superior and special performance, PVC has been widely used in a variety of fields. However, it has a shortcoming that the surface hardness is low and there is no elasticity. Therefore, a modified PVC material has appeared, i.e. PVC sheet. PVC sheet improves the ordinary PVC material's problem of lack of elasticity and has elongation and high hardness. The PVC sheet has good colorability and membranes with different color can be easily acquired by adding different colorants. For example, the common white membrane adopts titanium dioxide, black membrane adopts carbon black, red membrane uses red lead, green membrane uses base green, yellow membrane adopts chrome yellow, etc. Membranes of secondary color can be obtained by mixing two or more colorants. By controlling the amount of colorants, various membranes of changeable color brightness and purity are also available. PVC sheet has rich color and is often used for the photo album in the photography industry and signs in advertising industry. Specific applications include exhibition frame boards, advertising signs, printing, computer lettering, product packaging, etc.

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