Furniture PVC Foam Board

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Furniture PVC Foam Board

The furniture PVC foam board widely applies to box core layer, commercial decorative frame, clean room boards, ceiling boards, bath cabinet, cupboard, etc. With excellent properties of waterproofing, mould-proofing, fireproofing, resistance to consumption, etc., this product doesn't deform easily and has a long service life.

Size 915X1830mm, 915X2440mm,1220X1830mm,1220X2440mm, 1560X3050mm, 2050X3050mm
Density 0.42g/cm3 ---1.0g/cm3
Thickness 3mm,4mm, 5mm,10mm,16mm,18mm,20mm,25mm,30mm
Color White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black

With the continuous improvement of life quality, indoor furniture is also required to be more durable, beautiful and secure. This furniture PVC foam board will be an ideal choice for furniture manufacturers and users. Traditional wooden furniture is not only easy to corrode caused by moisture, but also easy to breed bacteria and produce peculiar smell. These phenomena will not appear if using our furniture PVC foam board. With good resistance to moisture, its water absorption is almost zero. Even after a long time of exposure to rain or moist environment, you don't have to worry it will mildew and produce bug. This furniture PVC foam board has flame retardancy and can prevent fire occurring, which is safer than the wooden furniture. It can be drilled, sawed, nailed, dug and pasted like wood and is applicable to hot forming, heat bending and folding process, meeting different processing requirements. Our product has rich colors and is not easy to fade, yielding good decorative effect.

As a China-based furniture PVC foam board manufacturer and supplier, Dingtian provides a wide range of products, including building material PVC foam board, PVC foam panel, photo album PVC sheet, and advertising PVC sheet, among others.

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