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As a multifunctional material, PVC is widely used in various fields. Because of its special water resistance, fire resistance, antistatic property, easy molding and low input high output, PVC is widely adopted by building material industry. It can be processed similarly with wood and its performance is far superior to wood, so it's also very popular in the furniture industry. The excellent weather resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, convenience to process, stable performance, long storage time and other feathers make PVC a good advertising medium in advertising industry. Besides, PVC has smooth surface and is easy to color, so it can yield natural and rich color in pattern printing on furniture and in advertisement.

Our PVC foam board not only has the general characteristics of PVC but also has smaller density due to the adoption of foaming technology, which is only 0.43g/cm3 to 1.0g/cm3 . This improvement means the PVC foam board is more convenient to transport. In addition, it also maintains PVC's feature of good strength.

The main reason affecting quality of PVC foam board is the content of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Higher content of CaCO3 relatively means lower quality. We produce PVC foam boards with the CaCO3 content of 5%, 10%, 13%, 15%, 20%, etc.

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