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The main ingredient of PVC foam panel is PVC, which has excellent flame retardancy (retardant value is over 40), chemical resistance (resistant to concentrated hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid with the concentration of 90%, nitric acid with the concentration of 60% and sodium hydroxide with the concentration of 20%), mechanical strength and electrical insulation. Our product has light weight, waterproofing, sound insulation, shock absorption and other features, which is the ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and composite sheet. The PVC foam panel is made by adding foaming agents and fire retardant and extruded by special equipment, which is widely used for building, vehicle, furniture, decoration, advertising, exhibition board, environment protection, tourism, etc.

Using PVC as the main raw material, our PVC foam panel is made by adding various accessory ingredients, controlling certain foaming rate and extruding by extruder. The main factor affecting the quality of PVC foam panel is the content of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Our product has low content of CaCO3 and thus has higher quality than other foam panels. Hot gas welding can be adopted when conducting flat stitching. Adhesion in a small range of this product and other materials is very flexible and convenient, and a variety of adhesives can be chosen. Surface of the PVC foam panel has good printability and the printing effect is excellent. Our product has rich colors and is the preferential choice for floors and curtain walls.

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