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PVC Rigid Board

Made using precise equipment and sophisticated technique, our long lasting PVC rigid board is available in 1-30mm thickness and 0.43-1.0g/cm³ density. It can be customized to any size and it comes in stock sheets of 915X1830mm, 1220X2440mm, 1560X3050mm and 2050X3050mm. Our PVC rigid board is also available in a variety of colors including white, red, yellow, green, blue and black.

Applications of PVC Foam Board
Our PVC rigid board is suitable to use in many industries.
1. Advertising: screen printing, UV printing, computer engraving, signage, display boards or photo album boards.
2. Construction: partition wall, interior decoration, wall cladding or suspended ceilings.
3. Furniture: interior office furniture, kitchen furniture or bathroom cabinet.
4. Industrial manufacturing: bus and train compartment ceilings, cold room panels, sports equipment, waterproof materials or light partition walls.

Features of PVC Rigid Board
1. Our PVC rigid board offers sound absorption and thermal insulation properties, which helps to keep a quiet and comfortable environment.
2. It is flame retardant, water repellant and shock-proof.
3. The PVC rigid board is corrosion resistant suitable for weather conditions.
4. It is lightweight rigid material which makes easy to carry for shipping or in working construction sites.

1. Ordinary packaging: PE bags, the corners of PVC rigid board are protected by hard cardboard (free of charge)
2. Pallet packaging: wooden fumigation-free pallet or steel pallet (payable)
3. Hard cardboard packaging (payable)
Note: our minimum order quantity is 1 ton.

Dingtian is a specialized PVC rigid board manufacturer and supplier in China. Additionally, we offer advertising PVC foam board, building PVC foam board, furniture PVC foam board, advertising PVC foam sheet and album PVC foam sheet.

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